Research and Intelligence Unit Home Page

What we do

The NWDA Research Team has the cross-cutting theme of providing support to NWDA colleagues and regional partners as the Research and Intelligence Unit (RIU) which is the Regional Observatory for the Northwest.

The team collect, analyse and disseminate key regional information in order to present an accurate and continuously updated picture of the socio-economic and environmental structure of Northwest England to influence the economic development of the region in the future. This is achieved through:-

  • Collation of published data and research from a wide range of sources
  • Data and analysis providing it to customers in an easy to understand format
  • Monitoring and benchmarking of data
  • Commission strategic research
  • Economic forecasting, published quarterly and available to business and public sector
  • Briefings on research/policy
  • Helping to disseminate and widen access to data and intelligence via the RIU Extranet
  • Support the development of the Regional Strategy
  • Signposting to datasets and provide advice on usage
  • GIS capability including digital aerial photography covering the entire Northwest

The Research and Intelligence Unit is divided into three areas of focus:-

  • Regional Observatory - Implementing the external observatory and dissemination/conference activity, sourcing, assessing and delivering monitoring statistics, enquiry handling, product development and data storage handling.
  • Research - Responsible for the professional supply, maintenance and improvement of information and intelligence provision to internal NWDA staff and external partners.
  • Economic Intelligence - Provide an incisive and tailored analysis of regional economic data and national and regional economic policy.