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This site has been built wth accessibility in mind. There are a varity of features that may make this site more accessible to you:

Access Keys:

Access keys provide keyboard shortuts to the main parts of the site.

Windows users can use the accesskeys by typing ALT+Accesskey. You may also need to hit the ENTER key to activate the link.

Mac users need to use CTRL+Accesskey (not COMMAND+Accesskey).

The following access keys are used in this site:

s = Skip navigation

1 = Home page

2 = About us

3 = Informaton Resources

4 = Publiations and Resources

5 = Research Programme

6 = Register on the Extranet

7 = Search the site

8 = Change Password

9 = Forgotten Password

u = jump to username field

p = jump to Password field

Text Resizing

You increase the size of the text in your browser by clicking View on the toolbar, then selecting Text size from the menu and choose a size from the options.

Note: Some browsers i.e Opera and Safari may have a minimum text size set in their prefrences.