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Northwest Visitor Research - Staying Visits for Holidays and Short Breaks

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6 October 2010
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Tourism, Holidays, Short Breaks
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This report summarises the main findings about staying visits – visits that involve at least
one night away from home – taken for holidays and short breaks from the 2009-10 Northwest
Visitor Research programme, commissioned by the Northwest Regional Development

The trips assessed is but one part of the overall staying tourism picture. It records leisure
breaks and holidays taken by UK residents, whether they were in paid for accommodation
of staying with friends and relatives. It does not include visits from abroad, trips for
business and other non-leisure purposes and visits which are primarily for the purpose of
visiting friends and relatives (as opposed to taking a holiday, but staying with friends and
relatives in doing so). It is, however, perhaps the most important element from the point
of view of many tourism stakeholders since it is the sector that has most potential to be
influenced via marketing and product development, and because it represents high value.

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