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Environment Publications

Tourism There is a wealth of information and intelligence related to the environment.  The Research & Intelligence Unit will publish related content produced by themselves or contributing partners here.  If you wish to suggest relevant content please complete an enquiry form.

Latest Environment Publications

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  • Painting Profiles of Place

    Date published: Monday 18 April 2011

    ONS have updated released new place profiles based on LEP boundaries in addition to updating their local authority place profiles.

  • Data Release Calendar

    Date published: Friday 15 April 2011

    The RIU produces a data release calendar which summarises important data releases due out in the next few months.

  • Portrait of the North West

    Date published: Thursday 03 March 2011

    ONS have produced a portrait of the North West which provides a wide range of data giving an overview of what it is like to live or work in the region.

  • Regional Index of Sustainable Economic Wellbeing (RISEW)

    Date published: Monday 14 February 2011

    The 2010 R-ISEW has been published. Ths RISE-W is an adjusted economic indicator which brings together a wide range of economic, social and environmental issues into one analytic framework to allow fair comparisons between them.

  • North West Databook - 2011

    Date published: Tuesday 08 February 2011

    The Research and Intelligence Unit has published the 2011 edition of the North West Databook.

  • RES 2006 Extended Annual Assessment

    Date published: Wednesday 06 October 2010

    SQW were commissioned to undertake an independent extended annual assessment of the North West Regional Economic Strategy 2006.

  • Renewable Capacity

    Date published: Thursday 30 September 2010

    The Northwest Renewable and Low Carbon Energy Capacity and Deployment report has been developed by the NWDA as a comprehensive assessment of the potential accessible renewable energy resources at 2020.

  • Rural Urban Defintion

    Date published: Monday 20 September 2010

    DEFRA produce a rural urban classification for local authorities. Each local authority is clased as one of six groups according to how urban or rural it is.

  • Local Authority Carbon Dioxide Figures

    Date published: Thursday 16 September 2010

    DECC released statistics showing the carbon dioxide emissions of every local authority. They detail the emissions attributable to homes, businesses and road transport.

  • Monthly Energy Statistics

    Date published: Thursday 26 August 2010

    The latest national statistics on Energy Trends and Prices providing statistics on monthly production and consumption of coal, electricity, gas, oil and total energy, average temperatures and wind speed and energy prices.