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Regional Index of Sustainable Economic Wellbeing (RISEW)

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14 February 2011
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sustainable, economic, wellbeing, report
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Over the last few decades, industrialised countries have achieved unprecedented levels of prosperity and material comfort, and are now taking stock of what all this wealth actually means, and how it is related to underlying goals of personal and societal welfare. And over the same period we have also developed a keener awareness of how dependent we are on limited resources, of our impact on those resources, and that we need real structural change if we are to make those resources last for more than the next generation or two.

The Regional Index of Sustainable Economic Well-being (R-ISEW) is an adjusted economic indicator which attempts to monetarise costs and benefits which are not traditionally measured in monetary terms. It brings together a wide range of economic, social and environmental issues into one analytic framework to allow fair comparisons between them. 

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