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Tourism Publications


Latest Tourism Publications

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  • Painting Profiles of Place

    Date published: Monday 18 April 2011

    ONS have updated released new place profiles based on LEP boundaries in addition to updating their local authority place profiles.

  • Portrait of the North West

    Date published: Thursday 03 March 2011

    ONS have produced a portrait of the North West which provides a wide range of data giving an overview of what it is like to live or work in the region.

  • North West Databook - 2011

    Date published: Tuesday 08 February 2011

    The Research and Intelligence Unit has published the 2011 edition of the North West Databook.

  • North West Heritage Volunteers

    Date published: Friday 03 December 2010

    The report looks at the importance of Volunteers in the Heritage Tourism Sector and the contribution that they make

  • Tourism Futures Report

    Date published: Monday 08 November 2010

    Tourism in the future will be influenced by a range of factors. This paper categorises the key factors of change.