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Welcome to the new Skills and Employment web page.

The NWDA Skills and Employment Team work across the Northwest to support the region in strategic skills and employment issues. 

Our key responsibilities are to:

  • Identify skills and employment demand around the region and articulate this in a clear evidence base;
  • Develop a Regional Priority Statement to inform Skills Funding Agency spend;
  • Develop, manage and monitor skills and employment projects;
  • Share regional data and key messages to support and influence regional and national skills policy; and
  • Provide strategic leadership in skills and related policy initiatives.
Regional Skills Priorities Statement

The North West Skills Priorities Statement provides an overview of skills required to support regional economic growth, with a focus on articulating the specific skills priorities that require attention and response from providers and stakeholders. It sets out overall priorities for the North West Region for the academic year 2011/12. This has been developed through extensive consultation with key partners and providers and the development of the North West Skills and Employment Evidence Base. 

Skills and Employment Evidence Base

We have now released our latest version of the Skills and Employment Evidence Base. This evidence base marks a watershed for skills and employment information for the North West. It is a document which pulls from partners and stakeholders the intelligence they have gathered recently and seeks to present it in a cohesive whole, giving partners a tool to support essential prioritisation in the challenging times ahead. It draws from the national, regional, sub-regional and local pictures and aims to give a ‘line of sight’ through these spatial areas.

We would like to thank partners and colleagues for their feedback and support for the Skills and Employment Evidence Base and we hope that it will be a useful document of research and analysis which will inform on both the current and future needs in terms of employment and skills in the economy.

Skills and Employment Evidence Base
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